Saturday, February 26, 2011


Since I can't rant about this on Facebook I will do so here. Your loved one is dying from cancer. OK, I'm sorry for your loss. I'm also glad god stayed her execution for another day or so, maybe. Don't you have to think about this, though? This person is filled with cancer.. if you're going to acknowledge the existence of a conscious creator, where THE FUCK did the cancer come from? Why is your loved one dying in pain? Did they piss off god? Also, really. At this point isn't it pretty much guaranteed that they are going to die relatively soon no matter what is done? Why are you wasting resources simply so this person can suffer a little longer? For the love of whatever the fuck is holy. If I ever have to go through this shit myself put me down. I will ask you to. Listen. There is no god. Enjoy the time you have with those you love, but know when it's time to say goodbye.
On a lighter note, a poem. The title is related to this song:

Send me a PM (those I talk to know how to contact me), and I might explain it to you. The poem is a pretty decent sonnet

"for k. # 1 (i never crossed myself)"

i swear to god i've been here before
i wrack my brain, but i find nothing
when you're in my arms you're the only thing
no other person on earth exists

can i lie to you?
can i tell you i'll make everything fine?
no, don't talk, just let me kiss you
let me murmur as i bask in your warmth

i will celebrate you. you're something worth shouting for
you're the air i breathe
let us collaborate
you're the only thing i ever want to need

your soil is fertile, as is my heart 
the joy you've planted there is the best i've known
when you touch me, i'm immortal
when you smile, you're the sun

Friday, February 11, 2011

"if ever i could love myself.."


this is what my life has been reduced to
looking forward to seeing my cat
after hugging a pretty girl goodbye
googling obscure dylan lines
while smoking, and cursing into the night

i am an abandoned pile of bone and muscle
i swear to whoever
that i glow louder than most
but my instincts drive my choices
and i never make my move

or too soon, i'm always mistaken
but given the choice, i'm not sure i'd do any different
am i as doomed to fate as i'm told
or can i put my fist through the patterns?
and into something bigger, into something brighter?

as i argue with myself
i watch the city shine
and i play the long game
as if i'm sure of the outcome
i'm not, but i sure look good pretending