Monday, April 14, 2014

"Maybe the morning air will make me feel better/Oh, I hope better than I feel right now"

New poem I wrote on my phone on a bus last week. 


book of my life
there have been valuable contributors
fuck the poetry
there are those i could have done without

ah but you don't mean that
i mean  every word i say
you should not believe a word i say

base ideas come from instincts
we should not struggle to be higher, we should obey
oh, but this is foolish, this is nuisance

i clutter, or i ember
i brave or i fade
i encumber

aloof, freedom from oblivion
a loss for words, not for thoughts
we look forward

we crowd in our courage and discrepancies and conundrums
we soothe to be happy
fraught  dissipates
ourselves, just ourselves