Friday, June 21, 2013

"heaven is a place with you"

 Not really going to say anything about this, other than I've been messing around with style. I've gotten pretty bored with most of my traditional formats. I like this quite a bit, even if it might be a bit generic. I'm not great at writing stuff like this, but I'm getting better.

“# 7 “

her body reacts the way a woman’s body should
she gasps and arches and continues her ascent
i kiss her mouth and grasp

ah, but i’m just as content
when she’s lying still in my arms

she gets up to find a cigarette
i hold back to catch my breath
she pulls on her shirt, i mutter a complaint
i watch her when she’s walking away
as closely as i do when she’s arriving

we sit in silence
or hatch insane plans

she turns her face towards me
everything that matters is there
nothing is more important, nothing is as free