Monday, December 23, 2013

"hey, do you know what this is doing to me?"

Hey, look! A new poem!

woman, you’re defiant, and often at war
you play your cards like checkmates, or revere
foreign and national examples of excess
bourgeois things and royalty substitutes
hollywood princesses land tits down
but get back up to primp and preen
as your devotion grows larger

frail spectrals
fame’s ghosts, you see yourself onscreen
focused on nothing but the shot
no hair or makeup
can hide the fact that you’ll only be beautiful for so long

are your priorities in sight?
listen, lady: there is nonsense and little else
alive in this world
it will shake you awake
and force you to stare down the dawn

or fierce:
beautiful, messed up and magnificent
something renewed
a sacrifice from the streets
a calf brought back from the altar
and returned into the light

i could define
all the things you are
dear darling, oh inspiration
i could take forever to chronicle your peaks
but then i wouldn’t get to watch you
and i’d miss something
necessary for me to live