Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two poems

I know it's been an eternity, fuck it. Here's two new poem.I don't remember where the first one came from, but at some point while I was writing the second I started thinking about an obscure (is there any other kind) Vic Chesnutt song, "Backsliding Deist's Prayer" and I found a direction. I think these were both written in August, and they're pretty goddamn depressing. Summer brings out the worst in me.

“backsliding atheist’s prayer”
it is always dusk
wherever it is i come from
the shops open and close and
nothing changes, not a dimmer or brighter light

the sun hurts my eyes
the dark scares me sober
i’m never safe
but i can’t return home

my sentence was stiffly read
i couldn’t choke up an alibi
i’ll take the flames, or i’ll take the ice
but i’ll never take back my word

the knowledge is the hardest part
it’s difficult to be afraid when there’s nothing to fear
but i’m backsliding again
 and there isn’a thing to hear my prayer

“another one for the lovers”
i reached to hug her, she snuck a kiss, i didn’t mind
as i closed her car door i looked back
i returned her smile, that was the last time i saw her
disaster is a slippery thing, it always surprises

most love affairs never get started
they present themselves like puffs of smoke
if it gets into your lungs
you hold it like a crack hit, never wanting down

everything ends, whether in sprit, or in deed
some are luckier than others in this regard
some enjoy the eternal suffering, some go after it like badminton
we all end in the same place, we might as well enjoy it how we can