Thursday, July 17, 2014

"the way that you look at me now/makes me wish i was you""

Poem I wrote on the walk home tonight, fully edited, any typos are intentional. 


i make up, and loose
small poems, martyrs to the cause
to make up for the lines
i can save, pin to paper

here's where we're at, kids
we're stuck on poetry
my brain melts, it
gets stuck, it
 gets lusting after words 
when should go whistlin' after women

a treaty, a soft savior, a begging
please stop the goddamn, god
i barely write seventeen lines, and, thems are awful
too damn high and too damn hot
i sweat, and i stumble, i juggle and i pop
my poetics get mangled, i'm a shambles
but i'm always getting better, you can maybe watch

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