Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"i saw you from that second story window"

It's been a while, but here is something new. I wrote it on a bus, on my way to buy weed. I was thinking about a conversation I had had with a girl the previous evening. We were talking about tense (really nerdy, I realize) and she kept using the word "tension" instead. It intrigued me. That's where it started, but then it gets weird, I have ideas, I think I know what it's about but nothing I want to elaborate on.

in regards to
tense and tension
we all need
a little help

never this quiet
we play out past lives
recount past lovers
plan future love affairs too

when you whisper
like a blanket
i am conformed
and comforted

when i whisper
like a blanket
you are comforted
and condemned

spend some time apart
we will think
future thoughts, rainbow metaphors
tensions giving in

if you return
i might be here
think of words

and how i will use them 

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