Monday, November 14, 2016

"Can’t see the fog for the trees I lost my way on reject beach"

i haven't posted anything here in a very long time. I've been out of it mostly, but i'm shaking off the cobwebs, a bit rusty though. I think in symbols.  This is self explanatory.

“thinking about  the apocalypse on election night 2016”

doors as open as we allow
pushing, i avowed
to be a pusher
but i couldn’t push  anything
the way you should have been pushed

i bantered my way somewhere
i was vacant, but i had cigarettes
i was a puzzle, nothing adjacent
a picture of john lennon nailed to the footstool of reality

“i’m doing good work” someone cried to someone
but the lord’s work is really
no work at all
i will be oblivious to your tempers
i will go away, to my moods

an arthritic little laugh
is all that’s left of me now
that sound will echo through the universe
think of anything nice
and in your heart it will echo

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