Friday, December 19, 2014

"i call you now to tell you i'm thinking of you"

Here is a poem I wrote a while back. I read T.S. Eliot and play violent video games. Fuck you!

“fallout: new vegas staedy”

shifty eyed. but without calculations
just out from under the overpass
i sat and stared forward
cigarette in hand or mouth, i was a little high
as i remember i happily thought:
this is how i must feel when i’m asleep
some things surprise like pay phones
they muffle and shuffle
just on the edge of the periphery
tremble and mutter and then appear
as if without warning, but never a sharp shock
impermanent,  unlike the water
which never wavers as i sit and smoke and stare
it is steady, i am not

if only love could be steady
not fraught with frail inadequacies
but if it didn't need taking care  of
it wouldn't hold any value
the things we push to protect
are the things that sustain us

not the steady pulse of the river
but the heartbeat of a lover
when she lays her head on my chest
i forget about my sorrow
i forget about the water, i forget about my pen
but when i pick that up
i do so only to exalt her

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